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“Conscious Whole Being Integration is an approach that encompasses the natural integrative relationship that already exists between deep psychological healing, bodymind awareness, and spiritual awakening as a means of bringing you into alignment with your natural rhythms.”

— Deborah Hall

Deborah Hall

“This book can help you to become both your own teacher and your own student, as you awaken from the spell of the conditioned mind and consciously live the incarnate experience of your spiritual journey.”

Deborah Hall
Conscious Whole Being Integration:
A Return to Wholeness

Praise for Conscious Whole Being Integration: A Return to Wholeness

“It is a true pleasure and honor to recommend Deborah Hall’s fine offering to the world of conscious integration. She has done her homework; she has entered into that fearsome inner world of doubt and confusion to return with an even greater sense of herself. As such, she has become that rare teacher who, through personal experience, can now write this fine primer and reference on the essential approach for this deep inner journey. And fortunately, she names the things we each must be willing to engage, the obstacles we will encounter, and the first clear steps we must take in order for our inner wisdom to emerge and guide us into our own self-awakening, which is the path each soul must ultimately take. In this book, you will also find the groundwork of the new and truer psychotherapy that must emerge to meet the current challenges of deep integration and growth.”

Rick Gutierrez
BodyMind Integration Instructor
Developer of Integrative Tracking

“This is the kind of sophisticated work that could attract an elite readership, yet it is constructed in such a way as to be palatable and intriguing to general readers as well. This is leading edge understanding. A truly unique work. Fabulously well written and integrated… a real pioneer. Whether it attracts hundreds of readers or tens of millions, it’s extraordinary.”

Richard D. Sparks
Founder of Meditative Awakening

“Conscious Whole Being Integration: A Return to Wholeness is a much needed holistic and open-hearted look at the process of becoming the most we can be. Deborah’s unerring yet gentle critique of the cold and clinically detached approach to human development work revives the individual, balances the student-mentor relationship, and rescues the individual from a mere patient to the driver of a true process of self-knowing. The result is a wise and studied process which returns empathy and balance to the often sterile Allopathic and Pharmaceutical paradigm. I highly recommend this idealistic and yet pragmatic book.”

Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi)
Vedic Teacher and Yoga Psychologist

“Deborah Hall has been on the path for a long time. This incredible book is the result. Deborah brings her deep personal work, as well as her professional work with others, to the page. She offers it as a companion and guide to fellow seekers on paths of their own. Like traveling unchartered territory with a good map, Conscious Whole Being Integration: A Return to Wholeness will guide its readers through the sometimes murky waters of self-exploration to a place of greater clarity and self-understanding. For those who find this book, this book will help them find themselves.”

Jason Scholder
Teacher of Yoga and Meditation

“The author, wise from her many years of inner work and clinical study, describes her realization that instead of pathologies which need medicating and fixing, these are the opportunities for spiritual growth and deep healing. The author acknowledges the value, as well as the limits of psychotherapy, practiced today, and that this incomplete paradigm doesn’t answer the longing of the soul to find wholeness. She describes in great detail the deeper path of self-discovery through her personal experience. As such, she provides guidelines to grow naturally throughout life into wholeness. This book is a personal story of self-discovery from one who is now sharing the mastery gained with the world, a book worth spending time with to gain one’s bearings in the sea of consciousness we call the human experience.”

Author, Personal Wealth Manager

“I have been on my spiritual path for several decades and have tried various therapies with varying degrees of success, but always come back to my same core issues. After reading Deborah Hall’s book, I realized that there is a piece of the therapeutic puzzle that no one else seems to be ‘getting’ or addressing: bodymind integration. The body itself has a consciousness that needs to be acknowledged and worked with in concert with the emotional and mental aspects of an individual’s consciousness. This is cutting-edge work, not easy to do, but absolutely essential for anyone seeking spiritual evolution, true healing, and ultimate health on all levels of their being. Fortunately, this book is an excellent primer on bodymind integration and provides an excellent starting place for such a journey. One last note: If true healing begins when one feels truly seen by even one other being, the biggest gift you may be able to give yourself is to read this book. Deborah Hall opens up the potential for you to be seen by the most important person you are in relationship with: yourself.”

Deborah Bloom
Author of Jemimah

“My journey has led me to at least a dozen different therapists, many self-help seminars, meditation retreats, self-help books and spiritual teachers. Most had some merit, but there was always something missing. Finally, that missing piece is being addressed in this book. The author’s way of explaining the inner mechanics of how we function is astounding! Deborah’s teachings put into perspective what real bodymind integration means. This groundbreaking book naturally bridges the gap between the world of psychology and spirituality and is a must-read for anyone that wants to experience true internal self-awareness. This read can be challenging at times because reality is not always what we want to hear, see or experience. I highly recommend this book for those individuals that want to directly experience deep healing and awakening. This is a guidebook for your inner exploration that can be referenced for years to come. I can’t wait for her next book!”

Holistic Health Practitioner, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

“The purpose of this book is to support you as you take a dive inward, deep into the root of your being where you can consciously evolve your relationship with life and existence. These teachings will assist you as you awaken to the conditioning of the mind and its relationship to the physical body, the structures of the personality, and the energetic mappings you carry. As you evolve, you’ll begin to connect the dots and consciously experience how you co-create your own experience by continuously collapsing into and identifying with your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, associations, and reactions.”

— Deborah Hall
An excerpt from Conscious Whole Being Integration:
A Return to Wholeness

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CJ Beckley

“Until we cultivate a deeper and wiser relationship to life and existence, we’ll be led astray by our constant search for superficial quick fixes that carry fragmented elements of truth.”

— Deborah Hall